Baking Betty's Gourmet Cookies 


Baking Betty’s is not your ordinary bakery! We are a unique bakery Boutique, whisking up fresh cookies and tasty treats daily one batch at a time. We feature the simple classic flavors, but we are known for putting a twist on some of America’s favorite desserts to create the most perfectly decadent dessert in one cookie, such as our delicious Banana Split, Strawberry Shortcake, Caramel Apple and the top selling S’more cookie.  All our cookies are made from scratch and baked fresh throughout the day! We use only premium ingredients, from the butter to the sugar to the chocolate, with no preservatives added. Great pride is taken in every single detail of our baking and each cookie is amazing in its own way.  They are simply the BEST you’ve ever had! One bite and you’ll see why we say they “Keep You Coming Back for “S’more”!

These mouth-watering cookies are simply the ideal sweet for all special occasions, such as birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, special events, business meetings and as corporate gifts. 

Our cookies are sold individually at our Fashion Island  location or by the Betty Batch.  Each Betty Batch includes thirteen individually packaged cookies plus one to "Keep You Coming Back For S'more"  

We also offer fresh made ice cream sandwiches with any of our cookies and our S'mores which are any cookie cut in half with marshmallow and chocolate in the middle!